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Nicolas Sanitas

Senior Advisor and Digital Community Coordinator, Luxembourg Digital Innovation Hub, hosted at Luxinnovation

Drawing on my 16 years' experience in IT consulting in Luxembourg, I help the 450 Luxembourg SMEs in the manufacturing sector to maintain or increase their competitiveness and attractiveness. This by putting digital technology within their reach, helping them to understand its challenges and to appropriate the latest techniques and tools it offers.

As a member of the Luxembourg Digital Innovation Hub (L-DIH) team, I develop a growing community of 300+ service and solution providers in the country capable of supporting this remarkable transformation. 'Green IT' or 'Responsible IT'... it doesn't matter what you call it: I'm firmly convinced that in a few years' time the concept will have disappeared, once every company has implemented its principles.

This will happen either by choice... or by force: which way do you want to go?