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Michael Hayworth

Product Manager, My Swiss Keeper

Michael has been a motor for innovative and pragmatic use of information technology in real-world applications throughout his career, in a variety of domains. Remote sensing in the early 80’s (analysis of grazed grasslands via ANDSAT 4 data to follow the migratory L habits of Maasai tribes); automation, data protection, and user-assistance tools in the mid-80s (forerunners to Norton and McAfee Suites); interactive Web-based solutions for worldwide animal health data collection and exchange in the early 90's (single-page reactive/responsive low bandwidth applications with JSON-like data exchange structures); robust distributed-provisioning solutions for telco’s at the turn of the century and in recent years a focus on data privacy and protection of personal identity.

A world citizen, Michael’s activities include scuba-diving, aeronautics and spending time with family and pets.