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Kateryna Aheieva

Business Development and Proposal Manager, LuxSpace

Kateryna is a professional in space engineering and business development, and have led international teams and managed international satellite development projects for over a decade. Kateryna's expertise includes space law, finance, mechanical and electrical engineering, and I have more than 25 scientific publications and presentations.

Currently, Kateryna leads the business development department at OHB LuxSpace, a satellite development company based in Luxembourg that develops small satellites and works with AIS data and applications. In the past, she led a business development team at Axelspace Corporation in Tokyo, Japan. The company raised $45M and launched 9 commercial satellites, and Kateryna contributed by bringing in international partners and clients from the energy and gas, agriculture, and data distribution sectors.

Kateryna holds a Master's degree in mechanical engineering from the National Aerospace University in Ukraine and a PhD in electrical engineering from the Kyushu Institute of Technology in Japan.