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Jean-Paul Lorrain

Head of environment, CO2 and CAPEX, ArcelorMittal

I have a engineering diploma in mechanics and I made a PhD on the ductility of steel. After this I worked several years as a consultant mainly in the European project Ulcos (Ultra Low CO2 steelmaking) aiming at simulating all different routes to produce steel with a low CO2 impact

Then I joined the group ArcelorMittal in the CTO team of ArcelorMittal Europe long products as energy and environment specialist for the plants in the segment (~15). I had several position in the CTO team mostly based on energy, environment, CO2 as well as CAPEX and after 12 years I joined the group environmental team where I was in charge of preparing the ArcelorMittal group environmental report as well as the management of environmental data.

Finally I joined back the CTO team of ArcelorMittal Europe long products mainly on the sustainability aspects keeping as well energy and environmental aspects in my scope. My role is more focused on preparing EPDs on the various products we are putting on the market as well as communication with our internal and external stakeholder regarding all sustainability aspects.