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Hao Wang, CFA

Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder, Metabank

Wang Hao, CFA is a seasoned financial expert with over 15 years of experience in traditional finance and the last 3 years immersed in the dynamic world of digital space. With fluency in four languages and decades of living in China, Japan, and Singapore, he possesses a comprehensive understanding of finance, economy, and technology. Their unique perspective brings immense value to any table...

Throughout his career, Wang Hao, CFA has held key positions at companies such as Citi Group and Nomura, as well as global macro hedge funds and multi-billion dollar family offices. He has also demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit through his successful establishment of the global headquarters for CTH group in Singapore and his involvement in ventures such as Fundamental Labs, Atlas, and IDEG.
With his ability to build professional teams and develop successful businesses, Wang Hao, CFA is a force to be reckoned with in the financial industry. He is continuously seeking new opportunities to grow and make an impact, and his passion for mass adoption of blockchain to drive innovations in financial services.