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Grégoire Ribordy

CEO of ID Quantique, Switzerland

Mr. Ribordy is a pioneer in the field of quantum technologies. After obtaining his PhD in physics from the University of Geneva in the late 1990’s for his research on quantum communications, Mr. Ribordy co-founded ID Quantique (IDQ) and has been its CEO since then.

IDQ was the first company to exploit quantum physics to enhance data security, with several world premieres. He was a member of the High-Level Group on Quantum Technologies, in charge of advising the European Commission on technology and innovation aspects related to this field in 2016 to 2017

Mr. Ribordy is the author of more than 30 scientific papers in the field of quantum technologies and cited as an inventor on more than 20 patents. He is the recipient of several innovation awards, such as the University of Geneva Innovation Medal (2017) or the Digital Shaper Switzerland Award (2018).

Mr. Ribordy lives in Geneva, Switzerland, and has worked and studied in the US, Japan and China