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Frédéric Markus

Deputy COO - Agence eSanté

Frédéric Markus holds a Master's degree in "Distributed Systems and Networks" and joined the Agence eSanté in August 2014 as a Health Project Manager. 
Frédéric Markus obtained his Master's degree from the University of Franche-Comté in 2007, and a university diploma "DU artificial intelligence applied to health" from the University of Paris-Cité in 2021.

Before joining the Agence eSanté, Frédéric Markus worked for the implementation of the Franche-Comté Cancer Network, as well as the Franche-Comté Regional Federative Cancer Institute, and more particularly for the implementation of RCP (Multidisciplinary Consultation Meetings) and telemedicine. Frédéric Markus has also had the opportunity to teach at the “Institut supérieur d'ingénieurs” de Franche-Comté (ISIFC) - Génie Biomédical in the context of introductory courses on telemedicine and interoperability. 

Within the Agence eSanté, Frédéric Markus is responsible for the Living Lab. In this capacity, he is the contact point for innovation projects between the eHealth Agency, public bodies and industrials.