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David Papiah

CEO of LuxProvide SA

Since November 2022, David Papiah is CEO of LuxProvide. He has spent the last decade contributing to the development of the Data Analytics, AI, and HPC business for Fujitsu in Europe, Middle East, Southern Asia, and North America. His journey as CEO -Fujitsu Systems Europe- gave him the opportunity to be at the forefront of digital transformation.

Previously, as Director of Business Operations, of Fujitsu France, David was responsible for growing Fujitsu IT strategic outsourcing business. In that role, he led the business development both from an offering perspective and also from a revenue growth perspective by implementing breakthrough service delivery models and innovative financial models. Prior to Fujitsu, David held a Senior Management position at IBM for 8 years in the field of business development and finance in Europe.

David graduated from Ecole Polytechnique Paris (E2020) and has also attended professional education at  INSEAD. David is married with two children and lives in Luxembourg.