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Artist, Founder & Owner at Gallery 1:1

Sumo’s work can be seen all around Luxembourg, but also in numerous cities around the world to which the artist has traveled at one point or another in recent years. Although an important, formative stage in his artistic development, graffiti and street art are merely one aspect of Sumo’s bulimic work on images. He is a Luxembourg icon of contemporary art.

While Crazy Baldhead, the emblematic character he developed in the late 90s, also dominates his paintings, here, he no longer acts as a signature or a sign of appropriation of a given urban ’territory’. A pictorial motif in its own right, he becomes a pretext for extended formal investigations and variations.

Bursting with statements, slogans, motifs and intense colors, Sumo’s compositions represent an abstract documentation of moments. His overall concept of time and space fills the picture plane in a sprawling, virus-like mode. Thanks to these countless details, each square centimeter could be seen as an autonomous work in itself, their sum creating a dizzying zoom-in, zoom-out effect.

The artist was nicknamed Sumo back in high school, well before he turned to graffiti; today, he hardly ever uses his birth name, whether privately or professionally. The nickname is therefore much more than a pseudonym for the artist whose real name is Christian Pearson.