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Nicole Boissier

Head of Foreign Trade Promotion, Saarland International -saaris e.V.

After 10 years as a TV journalist and moderator (arte, SR) followed by 15 years abroad as a Consultant for Intercultural Management in global companies (Airbus, Continental…) as well as a Founder and Co-Founder, Nicole is back in her home region Saarland since 2019.

Head of Foreign Trade Promotion at Saarland International she is building a network to support export-oriented SME accessing international markets.

Cooperating with governments and local authorities in the Greater Region and Network-Partners worldwide, she is leading a team of 7 advisors inside saaris (economic development agency working for the government of the German federal State Saarland).

During the last 2 years, Nicole was strongly involved in the creation of co:hub66, the new innovation space in the heart of Saarbrücken. At the same time, she took an important part in building a new programme for Startup-Internationalisation inside Saarland International, in close cooperation with the whole Startup-Ecosystem of the region.

M.A. in Political Science, Nicole is also an HR expert with deep knowledge in Intercultural Communication, Management, Teambuilding and Leadership, which she taught at University Paul Sabatier and Toulouse Business School.