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Frank Vanden Berghen

CEO & Head of R&D, TIMi

Frank owns a PhD in Applied Sciences from the Université Libre de Bruxelles with a specialization in mathematical optimization.
Frank is the leading developer of the TIMi Framework.

Before creating TIMi, Frank was the main researcher, developer, software architect, chief technological officer, and project team leader in a large number of software projects in Business Intelligence and Datamining, first at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the ULB (IRIDIA) and after at other consultancy companies like Business&Decision and Vadis.

Frank is also a scientific researcher in the field of data mining and optimization.

His ambition is to “create the softwares of tomorrow”.

He possesses a deep expertise in these fields:

  • Analytical CRM & Predictive Techniques
  • Linear Algebras: matrix factorizations, LAPACK, numerical stability of algorithms, LARS, Elastic Net, large scale computations, …
  • Datamining techniques to prevent overfitting such as cross Validation, Prediction techniques such as multinomial predictors, Decision trees, bootstrapping techniques, linear identification techniques…
  • Optimization Newton’s based algorithm, SQP, Trust Region Methods, LP, IP,…
  • High-efficiency computation (vectorized, parallel and distributed computing – optimized branching)
  • I/O efficient semi-external algorithms