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Cesar Pascual García

Lead Research Associate, Luxembourg Insitute of Science and Technology

César Pascual García graduated in solid-state physics at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and did his PhD at the Scuola Normale Superiore where he studied novel quantum phenomena and advanced device concepts seeking to create fundamental and applied science for the development of the next-generation of electronic and opto-electronic devices. Following his academic period, he acted as scientific officer at the Institute for Health and Consumer Protection at the European Commission, working in the safety of nanomaterials. During these two periods he contributed to the opening of new laboratories in very different topic areas and research lines. His career is characterised by thinking out-of-the-box while implementing solutions based on a science-to-technology approach. With the important award of the FNR-ATTRACT fellowship he started his leading position in LIST developing a differential technology that combines nano-chemistry on a chip and the potential of field effect transistors applied to biosensors. This project was continued with an European project ELECTROMED funded by the European innovation Council in the FET-OPEN program to develop a cancer vaccine-screening platform based on LIST technology. The European Innovation Radar has declared LIST as key innovator thanks to our “Electrochemical micro-reactor producing acidity in miniaturized confined volumes” and the European Innovation Council recently nominated him his ambassador until 2027.