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Bastien Didier

Founder and Chairman, Mentalista

Born in 1994, Bastien DIDIER aka Gille DE BAST is a designer and engineer graduate in design technology from Sorbonne University and École Estienne, Paris.

A designer in the research sphere… Bastien DIDIER is a specialist in human-machine interactions, algorithms, neurosciences and artificial intelligence. He explores the field of brain-environment interfaces using brainwaves as creation material.

He is the founder and chairman of Mentalista, a deep tech company specializing in brain-environment interfaces. Their approach raises awareness and educates about the use of these neural interfaces and their benefits for society. By opening their technology to a growing community of researchers, developers and makers, they are undertaking a joint initiative to improve understanding of the brain.

Alongside his work at Mentalista, Bastien has also helped to found and develop several start-ups (Humain-Humain, Data.bingo, Sextechlab, Makery) ans pursued numerous collaboration with artists, researchers and engineers on various topics as blockchain, VR/AR, IoT, vocal interfaces.

Bastien is a designer fighting for a future where technology fades away in favor of reality.