Stefan Umit Uygur

CEO, 4securitas

Stefan Umit Uygur – Ceo e Co Founder 4Securitas Extremely motivated, a Free Open-Source Software evangelist with a great interest in sharing knowledge. Interested in working in a community environment where the knowledge has no boundaries. Experienced Linux Systems Administration, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Analysis, Management and Assessment. Promoting real world of hacking and hackers’ culture and ethics. Member of Free Open-Source Software Community, he takes part in different open-source projects such as BackBox. He worked as a technical advisor in the Italian Department of Justice, as a UNIX/Linux Server System Engineer in Oracle Corp – Sun Microsystems and in Amaya Company and was a member of the Cultural and Technological Innovation among the Italian Chamber of Deputies. He is now CEO e Co-Founder of 4Securitas Ltd, a startup developing next generation server-centric cybersecurity monitoring, threat detection and mitigation solution. Designing, developing, and building ACSIA - Automated Cybersecurity Intelligence Application. Uygur’s Specialties: Full Stack IT Infrastructure Analyst, Systems Engineering, Systems Administration, Network Administration and Design, Public and Private Cloud Specialist, Security Assessment Penetration Testing, Cybersecurity Product Design and Development, Systems Hardening, Virtualization Technologies (i.e. ESX, XenSever, KVM, etc.), Web Technologies, Solution Architect, Product Management, Communication, Marketing and Commercialization in IT and Cybersecurity. Publications: 2014 Penetration Testing with BackBox Linux.