Raoul Mulheims

Co-founder & CEO, Finologee; Co-founder, Mpulse

Raoul Mulheims’ first experience in digital product building started in 1996 with Luxembourg’s largest social network named Luxusbuerg which peaked at 70’000 users. In 1999, he co-founded his first company, Nvision – a digital agency – in his final year at law school in Paris. Nvision quickly turned into one of the leading digital agencies in the country, and Raoul was a board member until April 2018. In 2006, he became the general manager of a spin-off named Mpulse which is handling over 90% of micropayments made via mobile operators. In 2009, Mpulse established a subsidiary in France. In parallel, it began to develop a new platform focusing on bank-centric mobile payments. In 2012, Raoul became the CEO of this new venture named Digicash Payments which is running the Luxembourg banks’ mobile payment scheme. Digicash was acquired by Payconiq in 2017. Raoul then co-founded Finologee to provide platform products and APIs to the financial industry (KYC/AML, PSD2, professional payments, E-Signature, Communications), Today, Finologee is one of the leading FinTech/RegTech players in Luxembourg serving more than 100 banks, insurance companies and other institutions with a staff of 35.