Judy Wallace

Chief Procurement Officer, OneWeb Satellites

Judy Wallace is the Chief Procurement Officer of Airbus OneWeb Satellites and a member of its senior management team since 2018. Judy is responsible for managing the global supply chain and strategic sourcing activities, leading a team of 30+ supply chain managers. Judy works closely with the 40 major suppliers in 11 different time zones to keep the supply base engaged and meet challenging program requirements. She is a proven leader with 23 years of industry experience in procurement, logistics and people management.
Prior to joining Airbus OneWeb Satellites, Judy was the Head of Program Procurement at Stelia Aerospace (Airbus), covering major aircraft programs from the Airbus A350, A320, Beluga XL to the Bombardier G7500 addressing all procurement requirements and industrial ramp-up roadmaps. Earlier in her career she worked at CNES/CLS (French Space Agency) as the Procurement and Logistics Director, managing multimillion-euro contracts, setting up solid procurement processes, reducing supply risk and improving significantly bottom-line financial performance.
Judy holds a MBA from Bordeaux Ecole de Management, a Master’s degree in International Business from the University of Toulouse, and a Bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages from the University of Leeds. She is fluent in English, French and German, with working knowledge of Japanese.