Edvardas Šileris

Head of European Cybercrime Centre (EC3), EUROPOL

Edvardas commenced as Head of the European Cybercrime Centre in July 2020. He is responsible for
the central collation of criminal intelligence on cybercrime across the EU, supporting member state
investigations into online child sexual exploitation, cyber-dependent crimes, non-cash means of
payment fraud, and crime on the dark web. His Centre also collaborates closely with the Joint
Cybercrime Action Taskforce (J-CAT), a team of specialist cyber investigators embedded within EC3
from multiple countries. His teams at EC3 further provide digital and document forensic support in
complex cases across EU, strategic analysis of threats and trends, liaison with industry, academia and
non- law enforcement partners, prevention and awareness raising, and capacity building.
Before becoming Head of EC3, Edvardas was Deputy Police Commissioner General of the Lithuanian
Police. He was also in charge of the Innovation Group within the Lithuanian police. From 2015 to
2020, Edvardas was a Member of the EUROPOL Management Board. Almost all his career in law
enforcement he spent in the area of crime investigation (22 years).