Christophe Ruppert

Business Continuity Management - Practice Lead, EBRC

Christophe Ruppert is an experienced and a reliable Business Continuity Management Expert with proven track-record of success.

He is BCI 22 999 trained, ISO 22301 certified (Lead Implementer, Auditor, Trainer) with a history of implementing, maintaining and auditing Business Continuity Management System for both enterprises and smaller organisations.

Christophe has developed its operational, tactical and strategic competences in Business Continuity Management: in London between 2005 and 2012 to assist Clients in the banking sector, for Insurance companies or for the Industry; in New-York in 2011-2012 for worldwide deployment of ISO 22301 project on behalf of a large American Food Company (65,000 associates); in Switzerland and currently in Luxembourg to support ISO 22301 Certification project for the financial sector.

Christophe Ruppert drove previously implementation and audit activities of many Business Continuity Programmes, advised standardised ISO 22301 approach or training sessions for different types of audience or companies.

Motivated, organised and inspired, Christophe Ruppert is able to bring clarity to work within a team to provide any organisation with long-term benefits.