Christine Leurquin

Special Advisor, Governments & Institutes, Rhea Group

Christine Leurquin has 35 years of experience in the space and satellite telecommunications field in Europe. In November 2021, she joined the RHEA Group. In her new function, she reports both to the CEO of the RHEA Group and to the Managing Director of RHEA System Luxembourg S.A and responsible for creating and enlarging RHEA awareness with the European Institutions, European Agencies and Luxembourg Space Agency and other national organizations as required. She helps to bestposition RHEA into the current opportunities associated to new Space and Cybersecurity European programs.

In her previous position, she was Vice- President, Institutional Relations at SES S.A. She positioned the Company within the European Union, African Union and other International institutions, such as OECD, UEMOA, UNIDO, ESA or OECD, she engaged in helping the operational companies to develop new governments and institutional markets.

Christine Leurquin is a successful, result-driven public affairs and business development professional, with extensive experience in both public and private sector. She has a proven track-record of effective advocacy in the field of European Public Policy strategies, Space Policy, Quantum, Government Satcom, ESA applications projects (such as B-Life), and has worked relentlessly to improve digitalization of Africa.. She has a valued-based approach to Public Affairs: inspiring trust, leading with the head and the heart, acting like an owner and with integrity.

Previously, she was the CEO of a company which she started, and which introduced new satellite services in Belgium. She turned it into a successful and profitable business. With her ability to speak various languages, Mrs Leurquin is able to market in the areas that services are not yet established, and she provides services with that extra incentive to attaining clients in the regions.

Career Steps: Senior Adviser, Governments and Institutions, RHEA Luxembourg (2020- ), VP, Institutional Relations, EMEA, SES (2014-2020), VP, Institutional Relations and Communications, Global , SES (2008-2014), VP,European Programs, SES-GLOBAL (2004-2008), Senior Manager, European Programs, SES-GLOBAL (1999-2004); CEO, Sait Videohouse SA (1992-98) ; Head of Space Data Division, Sait Systems SA (1989-92); ales and marketing manager (Northern Europe), Technodata Italia (1987-1999), Expert to the European Commission, SG2B (1984-1987) Associations and Accomplishments: Board Member of 5GIA (2022- ), Vice-Chair of the Board of 5GIA (5G European Infrastructure Association) (2015-2020), Member of the private D4D Coalition (SAP, Orange, Nokia, Ericcsson, Philips, Vodafone, Statec) in turn member of the D4D EU Hub (2018-2020), Member of the Steering Board of the Eu-AU Digital Economy Task Force (2019), , Co-Chairperson of the ICT WG at the EU-Africa Business Forum (Since 2010), Founding Person of ESOA in 2002, Chairman of the Executive Committee of ESOA (European Satellite Operators Association) (2004-2006), Regular Expert in Advisory groups, European Institutions, Member of the Steering Group of ISI (Integral Satcom Initiative), Member of the Board and Treasurer of the Kangaroo Group, Member of the Board ofESPI, Member of SSIP, Member of the Board of EuroTeleServ (2004-2011)

Education: University of Chicago, Management Courses (2001); H.E.C. OF St-Louis, Brussels, M.B.A. (1987-89), Germanic Languages (English/ German/ Passive Dutch/ American Culture), Master’s degree,  ULB, (1983)

Specialties: Strategic Business Development, Business Intelligence, Extensive Networking capabilities, corporate strategy, marketing analysis, European telecom and space regulation, International relationship, deep understanding of Africa, PPP’s specialist