Yannick Harrel


– Expert and lecturer in cyberstrategy at the Business & Finance School of Strasbourg, the french National School of Administration and the Écoles Saint-Cyr-Coëtquidan. He also participated at the invitation of the Council of Europe to the first two editions of the World Forum for Democracy on contemporary digital issues.

– He worked for a major law firm in Saint Petersburg (Russia), a business incubator in Basel (Switzerland) and an innovative IT firm specialized from the 1990′ in the optical fiber at Thaon-Les-Vosges (France).

– He has written many articles for newspapers and periodicals and participated to a documentary for the TV channel Telekanal Kultura (Russia) about the computing genius and father of the russian cybernetics, Anatoly Kitov. 

– He is the author of two works which become references : The Russian Cyberstrategy and Economic and Financial Cyberstrategies (2nd edition) : publisher Nuvis. 

– He analyzed the evolution and the impact of the digital technology over the automotive world. Therefore he has written Automobiles 3.0., the first book in french language about the merging of the two economic sectors.

– He is an enthusiastic driver and love cars of the 1960s and 1970s