Yang Feng

CEO & co-founder, Spacety

Yang Feng, co-founder and CEO of Spacety Co., Ltd. (Changsha) and an adjunct professor of the Beijing Information Science and Technology University, was the champion of the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Hunan Division Finals and also the first prize winner of the 2nd Chunhui Cup Overseas Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. He provided products and services to support a number of major China national science and technology projects such as Chinese human space flight program, Chinese lunar exploration program, and Beidou Navigation Satellite System. He co-founded Spacety in 2016, which is one of the pioneer commercial space companies in China. In the same year as it was founded, Spacety launched its first satellite “Xiangxiang 1”, which is also the first satellite in China that was completely developed by a private company. For 3 years after its inception, Spacety has successfully flown 6 space missions with 12 satellites. Spacety is the No.1 commercial space company  in China in terms of number of satellites launched.