Vilve Vene

Estonia's serial fintech entrepreneur, CEO and Co-Founder of Modularbank

Vilve Vene is a financial IT pioneer from Estonia, having begun developing innovative financial technologies well before the term “fintech” even became a tangible concept. For the past 30 years, she has been digitalising large Nordic banks and establishing leading financial technology companies. She is one of the bright minds behind the Estonian e-tax system and was recognised as a “Highly Commended” Woman in Tech at the Banking Tech Awards 2020.

Digitalising and modernising the financial services industry is what Vilve is most passionate about, and the banking world one that she knows inside-out. Amongst Vilve’s most notable achievements: developing the digital capabilities of Hansabank, one of the most technologically advanced banks of the 90s (later acquired by Swedbank) that was offering PC banking to business customers as early as in 1993; digitalising more than 15 banks and financial institutions in the Nordics with her first technology company Icefire, which was recently acquired by Europe's largest unicorn; acting as one of the masterminds behind the Estonian e-tax system, completely reinventing the country's tax office, making it the most digital and efficient one in the world; and finally, combining all of that experience and translating it into a next-generation core banking platform, Modularbank, in 2019.

Modularbank, as the name suggests, is a modular banking platform which is API-first, cloud-agnostic and flexible enough to enable incumbent banks, fintechs and even non-financial businesses to rapidly develop innovative, next-generation banking products and services. An innovative answer to the vital need for a modern approach to financial services, Modularbank allows clients to select only the capabilities they need to support their business goals and facilitates the rapid launch of new digital financial services.

With her sights set firmly on the future, Vilve is determined to bring financial services into a new era, where they will become a natural and seamless part of peoples’ everyday lives.