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Tom Holgersson

Director of Innovation, Scale-up and Expansion, Findec Sweden’s Fintech Hub

Tom Holgersson is the Director of Innovation, Scale-up and Expansion at Findec Sweden’s Fintech Hub. In that capacity he has co-developed the second version of the Bonfire Accelerator Program for Swedish fintechs that are in the stage to scale and expand internationally. 

A large part of his job consists of developing new partnerships with hubs, organizations, governments and key stakeholders from around the world to build an international ecosystem for fintech and financial services.  

Cross innovation and integration is the future of any business. Instead of focusing on one solution like many fintechs it’s often better to co-create and collaborate with other stakeholders to create multiple solutions in a “one prototype” approach. As the Director of Innovation he looks into different ways of creating and building new opportunities for fintechs and other companies to work together across various verticals. 

Besides fintech he has a strong interest in building services that leads to financial inclusion. The Global ID Right Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports impactful identity projects that can lead to a radical change when it comes to developing, distributing, educating or implementing digital identities. 

Before he joined Findec he worked as a senior expert advisor to the Swedish and the Irish government’s business development agencies in fintech and financial services, entrepreneur in Southeast Asia, mentor, management consultant, country manager, mergers & acquisitions director and sales manager. He holds a M.Sc Degree from the Stockholm School of Economics and has taken additional courses in fintech and financial services at MIT and Saïd Business School.