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Thomas Musiolik

Chief Technology Officer, Accenture Luxembourg

Thomas Musiolik serves as Accenture Technology Lead for Luxembourg and does it in addition to his role as Technology Account Lead at one of our major Luxembourgish clients. As the lead of our Technology Practice in Luxembourg, Thomas bring in more than 20 years of experience in technology and technology consulting.

Before coming to Luxembourg, Thomas worked for SAP, UniCredit as well as BMW financial services, where he led the critical technical implementation of BMW’s financial services digital channels.

Since joining Accenture in 2007 in Germany, he served many clients in Germany, Italy, France and Luxembourg, focusing especially on supporting banks and market infrastructures to transform their business and technology to address new regulations, new technologies and transforming them to digital.

His current focus is, together with his team in Luxembourg, to help banks, market infrastructure, insurance firms, telecommunication and resource companies in Luxembourg to further transform their technology to leverage cloud solutions, optimize their digital and mobile channels, leverage artificial intelligence, and leverage & monetize their large data.
To make this all possible he is advising our clients how to transform their IT architectures into lightweight, liquid, micro-service driven and API based solutions. This enables these firms and their business to better adapt to the fast-changing markets today and in the future.