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Susan Coleman

Managing Director, Global FS Innovation Centre, PwC

Susan is responsible for the Innovation practice area within the Transformation Office.  She leads the Explore practice area within the Client Experience Centre and is responsible for the Joint Business Relationship process for PwC Luxembourg, and works with internal teams to leverage new innovative practices sourced from the PwC global network.

Susan serves as the GFSIC EMEA Hub Leader. Her role includes establishing and developing the GFSIC innovation activities in the EMEA region. Susan’s responsibilities include establishing the internal and external innovation ecosystem, sourcing ideas throughout Europe to fill the global idea pipeline for commercialization and global scaling, and building and fostering a strong working relationship across all GFSIC hubs.

Susan’s career spans work in Strategy Consulting, Venture Capital and Financial Services. She is focused on delivering tangible value and measurable results.  Susan has built new business lines, launched new products, won new clients, expanded into new markets, and worked with teams around the world.  She has managed a €6B liquidity fund for a  Top 10 Universal Bank and holds a patent in the 3G cellular space for her work in the pairing of devices.

Susan has led more than a thousand different group exercises – ranging from 4 to 1000 participants, across geographic and cultural borders, and a wide diversity of industries, participant types and desired outcomes.

Areas of Expertise


•Innovation practices


•Design Thinking



•Customer Journey



English, French