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Stephany Van Y

Senior System Engineer, Accenture Federal Services

 Stephanie graduated from Purdue University with a Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering in 2001 and has supported satellite space systems engineering and operations across multiple program segments and technology platforms. Experienced in multidisciplinary technical team building and leadership. Maintaining a keen interest in technologies influencing the commercial satellite industry enables diligence in solving integration and technical challenges, but creating a healthy and collaborative team environment enables success. She has supported satellite projects through complete lifecycle (inception through decommissioning) with a focus on ground systems integration for mission support. Stephanie also has experience engaging in on-going satellite programs at various stages in the lifecycle to resolve unexpected or anomalous issues with an impact across multiple program/mission workstreams. Supporting both Past both government and commercial programs across the technologist and customers to address operational integration issues; spacecraft subsystems and payloads, satellite orbit planning and analysis, user requirements integration for ground system as well as on-orbit operations. She has experience architecting and designing ground systems for satellite operations across a variety of satellite orbits. Stephanie works for Accenture as a Manager within the Digital practice for Applied Intelligence enabling artificial intelligence solutions for clients. She is also a Senior Member of AIAA holding previous positions on the Space Operations Technical Committee and Public Policy Committee.