Stefan Barensky

Co-founder & Editor, Aerospatium

Stefan Barensky, 50 years old, has been chronicling and analyzing the space sector for 25 years. As a journalist, he covered the news of space industry for a large panel of magazines, newspapers and specialized newsletters in English (European Voice, Interavia, The Orbital Launcher Report…) as well as in French (Air&Cosmos, Science & Vie, Espace & Exploration, Les Échos, Aéro Défense News).

Since 1994, he has worked as consultant for consulting agencies as a specialist of space transport industry. He has been as a writer for many industrial companies and space agencies, to help them develop their communications and prevent communication crisis. Stefan has graduated from the Institut de Journalisme de Bordeaux Aquitaine (IJBA) and Université scientifique Joseph Fourier, and has an experience as a mathematics and physics teacher.