Samir Patel

President and CEO, GrowthMachines/ 500 startups

Samir Patel, President & CEO of GrowthMachines, TheGrowth.Academy and Growth Mentor at 500Startups has optimized $1B+ in Media. In the last decade, he has pioneered the use of Predictive and Data Science in Marketing and accelerated Growth for Fortune 500’s such as, Priceline, Experian, Oracle, AT&T, Progressive and Scottrade. As Founder of SearchForce, he delivered tens of millions in revenue to brands, raised $10M+ in financing and developed a Cross-Channel SaaS Marketing Optimization Platform Based on Wall Street Trading Algorithms.

He is an international keynote speaker, author and trainer on Growth Hacking. He has been on CNN, Forbes, BusinessWeek, NBC and teaches Growth Workshops at 500Startups, General Assembly, UC Berkeley & the top Venture Capital funds around the globe. He attended Stanford University and has an MBA in Brand Marketing from Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Business.