Sabri Skhiri

R&D Director, Eura Nova

I lead the EURA NOVA R&D department and manage internal research projects, back office R&D requests, technological watch for customers, technical assessments and innovation forum within EURA NOVA.
I also lead the Carrier software European R&D architecture team at Huawei Technologies in which I manage several innovation projects and customer first-offs. Finally during my free time I am committer on the RoQ Messaging project and Steffi the Distributed in-Memory Graph DB.

– Design and Architecture
– DATA Architecture
– Distributed architecture
– Distributed & high performance computing
– Model-driven Engineering
– Hadoop ecosystem, Apache Spark, Apache Flink, Pig
– Event-Driven Architecture
– Stream processing, Complex Event Processing (CEP), Pattern Matching
– Data mining, Machine learning & analytics
– Cloud architecture from infrastructure to platform
– Internet of Things (Soft. Stack)
– Enterprise Architecture
– Complex algorithmic

Program co-chair of the Workshop on real-time & stream analytics in Big Data, colocated with the IEEE Big Data 2016 conference.

Speaker at HPS Powercard 2015, Big Data Technologies China 2014, Huawei Strategy & Technology Workshop 2012 & 2014, EBISS 2012, ECLIPSE CON 2009 & 2013, IBM GSE 2012, FOSDEM 2010