General Robert Mazzolin

Chief Cyber Security Strategist, RHEA Group

General Mazzolin has a track-record of excellence in the cybersecurity industry. Previous notable appointments include Director General Information Management Operations, responsible for all Canadian Armed Forces and Department of National Defence strategic network, signals intelligence, electronic warfare and cyber operations, the Commander of the Canadian Forces Information Operations Group, the Director Land Command Systems Program Management responsible for the engineering and programme management of the Canadian Army C4ISR system, and Commanding Officer Canadian Forces Station Leitrim and the Canadian Forces Signals Intelligence Operations Centre. In particular, with reference to the NSPA acquisition, it is relevant to highlight that he also served at United States Cyber Command and among his roles was as the Vice Director for Strategic Policy, Plans and Force Development.  This involved being involved in the development and conduct of the US DoD cyber exercise programme which included Cyber Flag, Cyber Guard and the various mission certification activities in addition to the fielding of the Joint Cyber Training Range and concept development for the US DoD’s Cyber Range evolution.  
General Mazzolin has served in a variety of other Command and Staff roles and served as one of the Canadians Forces leading experts in Communications and Information Systems, Signals Intelligence, Network Operations and Electronic Warfare.  
Through his career, he has gained significant international experience in C4ISR and cyber operations in addition to having chaired and participated in a variety of multinational engineering, interoperability and standardization programmes within NATO, the AUSCANZUKUS and related military, government and commercial fora.  
His involvement contributes to RHEA’s engagement with an increasingly diverse and expanding community of practice within the space and cyber disciplines as RHEA seeks to continue to distinguish itself as a world-leading engineering space and security company delivering security solutions to governments, institutions and to large enterprises, in Europe and North America.
General Mazzolin holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, Master of Science with specialization in Electronics and Guided Weapon Systems, Master of Arts in Security and Defence Management and Policy, and a Ph.D. in Engineering Management.  He is a licensed Professional Engineer in the province of Ontario and Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.  He is an Officer of the Canadian Order of Military Merit, and among other awards include the United States Legion of Merit, United States Meritorious Service Medal, Canadian Chief of Defence Staff Commendation and the Italian Army Chief of General Staff Commendation for professionalism and courage for actions in Somalia.
We trust General Mazzolin appointment as Senior Cyber Defence Subject Matter Expert will bring to NSPA and the Luxembourg Ministry of Defence the innovation needed to move forward the awareness and RHEA Cyber Defence Platform solutions in the field.