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Nicolas Princen

CEO & Founder, Glose

Mr. Nicolas Princen is the Founder & CEO of GLOSE, the next-generation reading platform. Mr. Princen served as the Chief Digital Strategist for 2 French presidential campaigns in 2007 and 2012 – pioneering the space of citizen participation, direct communications and community building through digital tools. At age 25, he became the youngest ever Policy Advisor appointed to a French President’s Cabinet, and first Chief Digital Officer for the French government. He worked on tech policy, digital communications, and open data, with a strong focus on the future of education. His time in government, especially as the Arab spring demonstrated the power of social media to drive change, inspired him to build a global educational platform around the most fundamental and effective activity for learning : reading. With the vision that helping people read more and get more from what they read through peer to peer discussion would be an essential contribution to the future of learning.

Glose.com is the world’s first social reading platform that makes reading more interactive, accessible, efficient, smart, and fun. It leverages the power of technology (machine learning, natural language processing) to create the future of reading – for a new generation of learners. Glose is used in top educations in K-12 and Higher education, from French middle schools to Harvard Business School.

Mr. Princen holds Masters degrees in Philosophy and Political Science from ENS Ulm and Sciences Po Paris, and Entrepreneurship from HEC Paris. He is a Global Shaper for the WEF, and an alumnus of the American Academy of Achievement.