Naser Hakimi

Director General, Information Technology, Central Bank of I.R. Iran

Naser started his career as system developer in late 90s and joined the Central Bank of Iran as researcher officer in 2001. Founding member of the newly established Payment Systems Department, he contributed to the national payments reform plan and Iranian payments strategy roadmap in early 2000s. He was in charge of research and development section from 2004 up to 2010 and became the director of the payment systems department in 2010. In 2012, he was assigned director general of IT, overseeing both payment systems and IT departments of the Central Bank. During his 16 year enrollment in the Iranian payments industry, he was pivotal in setting up and regulation national payments infrastructure, starting with national card switch (SHETAB) in 2002, Payment Service Providers (PSP) regulation in 2004, Iranian RTGS (SATNA) in 2006, ACH (PAYA) in 2009, Securities Settlement System (TABA) in 2010, National Card Acquiring Infrastructure (SHAPARAK) in 2012, Check imaging infrastructure (CHAKAVAK) in 2014 and various supporting systems. He is now concerned with the implications of Fintech innovations and startups in Iran and is trying to comprehend the financial regulator’s approach toward fostering innovation while managing risks.