Maximilian Heimann

Marketing Director, PAUL Bakery Luxembourg

My name is Maximilian Heimann and I am currently the Marketing Director of the PAUL Bakery Franchise in Luxembourg. After my studies I developed a project (LuxPay) in the financial sector which was, in 2015, awarded with the BGL BNP Mind & Market Start-Up award for an innovative idea. I started my marketing career at the Luxembourgish franchise Sushi and More. Combining digital technologies and marketing helps me to find new innovative ways of reaching customers.


About PAUL Bakery Luxembourg :

LUX-PAU SA is the Franchise Holder for PAUL Bakery in Luxembourg.

The Company currently owns 5 PAUL Bakeries in Luxembourg :

Boulangerie PAUL Place d’Armes – 3 Avenue Monterey, 2163 Luxembourg
Boulangerie PAUL Kirchberg – 5 rue Alphonse Weicker, 2721 Luxembourg
Boulangerie PAUL Gare Centrale – 9A Place de la Gare L-1616 Luxembourg
Boulangerie PAUL Cloche d’Or – 5 rue Robert Stümper L-2557 Luxembourg
Boulangerie PAUL Foetz – 11 rue du Brill L-3898 Foetz

Furthermore our company offers a catering service and foodtruck for public or private events.