Massimo Comparini

Chairman of the Board, Earthlab Luxembourg & CEO, E-geos

Massimo Claudio Comparini is graduated in Electrical Engineering at University of Roma “La Sapienza” and he also holds a degree in Strategy from Graduated School of Business of Stanford University, CA (USA). He has a more than 30 years career in space industry. He  joined Selenia Space in 1983 as microwave engineer and spent many years in the technical departments with assignments of growing responsibility up to the Chief Technology Officer position. In Thales Alenia Space Joint Venture he had the position of Electronics Technical Officer and Director of Industrial Integration (2005) and  of Deputy CTO – SVP R&D, Technology, Product policy and IPR (2009). From September 2013 he has been appointed Chief Technical Officer and member of executive committee of Telespazio. In june 2015 he has been appointed Chairman of Earthlab Luxembourg, in march 2016 appointed CEO of e-GEOS. He is also the chairman of Space Innovation in Italy technology platform, SPIN IT. Author of more than 80 papers and published works in the field of space and microwave technologies, innovation and technology management. He seats in many steering committees and board of scientific associations and international conferences. He has been appointed for a number of Academic positions having the chair of space electronics, electronics for telecom system and in the economic field the chair of ICT economy