Marc De Schepper

Senior Systems Engineer, Commvault

Started in 1982 at the Military Technical School with Digital Technology was the base of my future passion. 1989 was the year I build my first token ring network with OS2 and PC LAN. Connecting 5 PC’s to a single server. Three years later the Military brought new material for our workspace and soon needed an “administrator” to manage all computers from the different units. Starting with Windows NT3.51 and SQL7 with daily local backup to tape and a yearly to a WORM device was my next step into IT. Later I got a new challenge in the private sector where I was able to build up my knowledge and experience. Later I moved to an ISP to manage its Local IT department and a few years later moving to a consultancy company to share the knowledge I had build up over the years.

After a couple of years I received the opportunity to go and work for a Software Vendor as a Services Business Developer manager. There I build my international skills and overview of bigger companies and there requirements. After a few years I was a highly skilled backup and recovery professional, with many years of experience in the design and implementation of Backup, Archiving and Disaster Recovery solutions. Joining CommVault as a Solution Architect after many years of customer visits and solution positioning at a competitive vendor.

A broad knowledge of Storage, networking and Application integration and the challenges with modern requirements on Backup and Disaster Recovery.

Previous experiences in Pre- and Post Sales as well as in Professional Services with small to very large customers.