Kristof Van de Reck

Co-founder and council member, Foundation Ltd.

I’m a founding member and council member of the Foundation Ltd.

In 2013 I got interested in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. As I became more aware of the technology I started to realize the potential of blockchain.

The NEM blockchain project was conceived in January, 2014 and early on I noticed the approach was quite different from other blockchain projects. This realistic vision with a focus on real world adoption drew my attention and gradually got me involved in the project.

NEM grew to become a holistic blockchain platform (built from scratch) that provides a set of building blocks suitable for a wide range of blockchain applications and solutions in fintech and various other industries. It is unique with regards to user/developer friendliness and we rolled out the blockchain solution in a production environment, both as a public chain and a private chain since 31st March, 2015. The project is an open source project and has been a loose community deriving its expertise from around the world. Foundation Ltd. was incorporated in the Republic of Singapore as a company limited by guarantee (non-profit organisation) in December of 2016 as a need to legitimise the existence of the NEM blockchain project Foundation Ltd. focusses on the introduction, education and promotion of the NEM Blockchain Technology to industries, governments and academia.


At ICT spring, I will talk about how NEM blockchain technology can be used for secure storage and access of privacy sensitive data in a broad sense, including how this can be applied to some use cases.