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Juan Tomás Hernani

Founder and CEO, SATLANTIS

Juan Tomás Hernani is the Founder and CEO of SATLANTIS. SATLANTIS leads the Space Camera business for micro & CubeSats, with 5 flight Earth Observation missions with JAXA, NASA and ESA, where the company has developed sub metric resolutions. The company is placed in Bilbao and Florida, and its shareholders are ENAGAS (The Spanish gas operator), CDTI (The Spanish acting space agency), SEPIDES (the Industry public conglomerate), the Spanish Ministry of Economy (Axis-ICO), the Bilbao-Bizkaia government, ORZA pension fund and the University of Florida. Previously he was Secretary General at the European Spallation Source which is a scientific infrastructure in Sweden for a neutron light microscope. He had various membership positions in different organisations such as President of Metalingua, a non-profit association for the technology development tools and promotion of multilingual capabilities of non-majority languages in the digital domain (2012-2018). Finally, he is also a board member at Egile group, a high precision mechanics group working mainly in the aerospace business.