Jeremy Lamri

CEO, Monkey tie

Jeremy Lamri is the founder and CEO of Monkey tie, the online French leader in affinity recruitment and career development. He also cofounded the HR Lab, the French association for promoting innovation in HR. Based in Paris, Jeremy also teaches human resources for the digital age and leadership development programs, and he is a speaker on the future of work and HR.

Jeremy has almost 10 years of experience in industrial performance management, strategy consulting and financial analysis. He is a former semi-pro rugby player, and he has been a reserve officer in the French Navy for several years. Since 2011, as a member of the UN Major Group for Youth and Children, and as a Young Ambassador for France, Jeremy has helped raise youth awareness worldwide during major summits in Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Johanesburg, Brussels, Dublin and Vilnius.

Jeremy holds a Master’s Degree in Management from HEC Paris and a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Physics from Oxford University.