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Jack Parsons

CEO, Big Youth Group

The son of a London cab driver and raised by an alcoholic mother, Jack Parsons was told by teachers he was doomed to fail. Although dyslexic, he proved them wrong. Not only did he pass his GCSE’s with flying colors, he also went on to do an apprenticeship with an insurance broker and is lately regarded as one of Britain’s youngest up and coming digital entrepreneurs.

After completing his apprenticeship, Jack was involved in recruitment in the public sector. His drive and hard work saw him named ‘The Best Newcomer to the Industry’. But this was not enough, as he came to realise that younger people, without a substantial experience on their CV, were finding it extremely difficult to find good employment. Jack believes CV’s are a thing of the past. According to him, “CVs are good at telling someone what you can do, but it doesn’t show anything… I ask them to send a video of themselves as it helps me analyse their flow, body language and, in general, tells me a lot more than a plain old CV does.”

Because of his passion for helping the younger generation, Jack started ‘yourfeed’, an online platform that showcased the ambition, talent, and skills, of young people. Marketing Week and City A.M. named this platform a ‘LinkedIn for Millennials’.  His business soon caught momentum and saw investors. He stepped down from this position in the latter part of 2017 due to disagreements with the board who wished to control the business and aim it in a direction away from Jack’s initial vision of helping the 2 million young people movement.

Jack has not sat on his laurels, however, and 2018 saw him launch ‘Big Youth Group’ in partnership with Sage, Accenture, Havas Media Ex-Group CEO Paul Frampton, and Google, to name but a few. The organisation’s focus is on improving the employment chances of the younger generation, providing young entrepreneurs a platform to progress.

The ‘Big Youth Project’ is a non-profit that falls under this new venture. The aim is the creation of a community of 2 million young people, connecting 400,000 of them with work experiences. This would be accomplished by means of mentorship programmes, internships, and apprenticeships, amongst others.

“My mission is to change the world for young people (under 30’s) starting by creating 2 million career experiences in the United Kingdom before taking this mission globally.” – Jack Parsons

Jack has received a number of awards during his young career, namely the “Young Digital Leader of the Year” Award, “The 100 Faces of a Vibrant Economy”, and “Most Connected Young Entrepreneur”. These were for 2017 alone.