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Izhar Arieli

CEO, Scanovate Global

Izhar serves as the CEO at Scanovate Ltd, an Israel based Technology Company that specializes in Identity management, KYC process and imaging solutions such as OCR and Facial biometrics.

Under Izhar’s leadership, Scanovate has attracted over 300 B2B clients, built a worldrenowned product authorized in over a dozen regulatory territories, created an esteemed partner network and set best practices around the world.

Izhar has pioneered new approaches for Identity and KYC, worked with policy makers and actors in both the private and public sector, to develop the right framework for identity management and biometric applications. Izhar is a well-established figure in the Israeli Fintech scene and serves as a frequent public speaker on related themes at leading forums.

Izhar has built effective teams, demonstrated high performance and low turnover of core teams in growth companies and built vast partnerships, network and distribution chains. In his earlier businesses, he held CEO positions in two companies e.g. been responsible for a massive annual revenue growth, served as business development for more than 15 companies in parallel and founded 3 companies. Izhar has overseen numerous mergers and acquisitions and funding rounds, built companies from the Insure-tech, Fintech Reg-tech and distribution segments.

Global background from the US, Israel, France, UK, South Africa and Belgium, digital finance background starting in Tel-Aviv, London, Paris and now all western Europe. Izhar loves challenges, to make the unknown, known and the true grit of entrepreneurship.