Huy Nguyen Trieu

Author, Disruptive Finance

Since graduating from MIT, Huy Nguyen Trieu started off as an entrepreneur, and then transitioned to the world of finance. After 10 years, he has climbed to the managing director level at an international bank, giving him a good view into how banks work and how investors think, which have positioned him well for thought leadership in the fintech sphere. Huy plays the role of both influencer and mentor, and he dedicates a lot of time “off the clock” to helping the industry grow and expand via his blog, Disruptive Finance. He is something of a powerhouse content creator, and his content often defines conversations about disruptive finance. He is on the Fintech advisory board of the World Economic forum, of Fintech HK and Trusting Social. He is also the Fintech Resident Expert at Oxford Said Business School.