Henri Isaac

Vice President of Digital Transformation, Paris-Dauphine University

Henri ISAAC holds a PhD in management sciences, and is an Associate Professor, Paris-Dauphine University, PSL Research University.

He was Director of Research and Academic Director at Neoma Business School (2009-2012) and Vice President of Digital Transformation at Paris-Dauphine University (2014-2016).

He co-directs the Master Management Telecoms and Media, as well as the CCMBenchmark-Dauphine « Connected Commerce » certificate.

Co-author of several books, « E-commerce. From Strategy to Implementation « (4th edition, 2017, Pearson France), » Digital Marketing « (2017, Pearson), » Distance Work & e-Management « (Dunod, 2013).

As a specialist in information systems and the digital economy, his research, at the frontier of the field of information systems and management, focuses on the effects of technologies on companies and their management.

He is the author of numerous articles in academic journals such as Journal of Business Strategy, International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management, International Journal of Mobile Communications, French Journal of Management.

He is the author of a report on the « Digital University » for the Minister of Higher Education Mrs. Valérie Pécresse.

He is President of the Renaissance Digital Think Tank