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Gregory Pradels

Space business developer, Aerospace Valley

After 10 years working as project manager for various space missions, Grégory has focused his interest on space economy and developed specific assets on innovation management and business analysis. First position as PhD student in physics at the French Aerospace Laboratory (ONERA), Grégory worked on the MICROSCOPE space mission to assess disruptive on orbit calibration methods for the embedded payload. The thesis has been awarded by an international price, delivered by the IAF. Second position at the French Space Agency (CNES), Grégory worked successively on various scientific space projects to develop ground segment systems and satellite units. During these years, Grégory developed very good knowledge of space engineering and collaborate with various experts from all over Europe and major countries involved in space activities. He has delivered numerous papers and conferences in international congresses. After a MBA devoted to innovation management, Grégory took a new position at Aerospace Valley cluster to support the development of small satellites market. This challenge was an opportunity to develop new skills in line with the current move toward the New Space. In 2017 he creates with some very talented companies a group called Newspace Factory. The members are small companies, very agile due to their size and very experienced thanks to the strong heritage of the French R&D in space technology.