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Eliad Saporta

Managing Director, Coriunder

Eliad Saporta is the Managing Director at Coriunder. With a background in law and an MBA in finance, Eliad has always been drawn to product management and design. He worked as a consultant for various companies, assisting them in their efforts to build products in the payments ecosystem. However, he now wants to help entrepreneurs not only by assisting them, but also by offering the right tools and services for building their vision.

In the last 8 years Eliad has been working in the payments ecosystem as both consultant and COO to Payment Service Providers, he learned of the need for a strong backend solution and to allow the ability to create value added services as a Payment Service Provider.

In 2016 Eliad founded Coriunder, Coriunder is Backend as a service provider for payment service providers, a PCI Level 1 gateway we provide PSP the full management capabilities they require, service such as:

  • Merchant management – from onboarding to risk management and ecommerce tools. ( Merchant portal included)
  • Affiliate management – Assign an affiliate to a merchant and let the system calculate the rev share and prepare the settlement to the affiliate ( Affiliate portal included)
  • Customer management – wallet management, closed-loop prepaid cards, full onboarding and KYC, friend requests and more – all accessible from our API to allow the PSP to build apps and services to his customers.
  • Acquirer management – we provide a full list of acquirers already integrated to the platform and we have a partnership agreement with PAYON, PPRO, and TSYS to provide a wide range of payment provider out of the box.
  • Financial management – the system manages the full lifecycle of a transaction from the payment page all the way to risk monitoring, settlement schedule and wire transfer.

We will soon launch our GDPR as a service to all of our clients to make sure they are ready to go once the due date arrives.

We currently have PSP clients from Hong Kong, Malta, Cyprus, US, Costa Rica, South Africa and Israel.