Don Ginsel

Founder, Holland Fintech

Don Ginsel is an Amsterdam based Entrepreneur and Investor in early stage startups and an expert in banking, M&A, investment management and strategy consulting. He is passionate about mentoring startup teams and helping them shape their business model, get connected to clients and get funded.
Don founded several companies such as Holland FinTech, a membership organization that supports FinTech startups and the broader financial innovation ecosystem, Capital Waters, providing free standardised deal documents for investor and startups, and Principe Management, an early stage investment firm.
Next to this he is also active as a mentor and coach through several accelerators and incubators such as Rockstart and Startup Weekend. Previously he has worked for ABN AMRO and Deutsche Bank and for investment firm ICOS Capital. Don is involved in several initiatives to help startups get funded and grow. He is a regular guest on the radio in BNR Zaken doen met… to discuss startups.
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