Christophe Fourtet

CTO & co-founder, Sigfox

Graduated from INSA de Lyon and holds a DEA in electromagnetism, Christophe Fourtet is a long time enthusiast of science and technology, particularly radio and electromagnetism. This passion will take him to work on multiple radio projects in companies such as Thomson, TALCO, SAGEM, MOTOROLA, as a design engineer and as a technical manager.

He has been working on topics such as PMR, then pioneering digital PMR as well as digital cellular, and then 3G / LTE. In fact, caught in the 90s as many radio specialists by the wave of cellular and its quest of broadband, he made a 180 degree turn starting to work on more « frugal » and « low footprint » radio systems, combining low power and high performance for a given service.

The modern UNB (Ultra Narrow Band) began to be born, and it is his meeting with Ludovic Le Moan, that triggered the spark of SIGFOX five years ago.