Christian Tidona

Founder & Managing Director, BioMed X Innovation Center

Christian Tidona is a serial biotech entrepreneur and managing director at the BioMed X Innovation Center and BioRN Network in Heidelberg, Germany. He studied biology and received his PhD at the University of Heidelberg. After ten years of experience in startup and leadership of biotech companies such as Multimetrix in Regensburg, Cytonet in Heidelberg, and the Heidelberg Institute for Stem Cell Technology and Experimental Medicine (HI-STEM), he was instrumental in the development and implementation of a new economic growth strategy for the Biotech Cluster Rhine-Neckar (BioRN). Based on this strategy the BioRN cluster, which is centered around the biomedical campus of the University of Heidelberg, was distinguished in 2008 as one of the five strongest high-tech regions in Germany (Leading Edge Cluster Competition). Christian serves on the executive board of the Health Axis Europe alliance between the European health innovation clusters in Cambridge, Leuven, Maastricht, Copenhagen, and Heidelberg. He is chairman of the Weizmann Young European Network of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, member of the Responsible Leaders Impact Circle for Social Innovations of the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, and teaching entrepreneurship at the University of Heidelberg. Christian is married and father of two children.