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Christian Oberlé

President and Director, Caisse nationale de Santé

Graduate in business administration (University of Liège) and holder of an MBA from HEC University of Lausanne, Christian Oberlé started his career at PricewaterhouseCoopers in 1989, first in auditing, then in consulting.

From 2000, he held the position of Administrative and Financial Director of the François Elisabeth Foundation. His areas of responsibility included the construction of the Centre Hospitalier Kircherg, the merger of 5 Luxembourg hospitals and the development of the newly created hospital group in terms of governance, organizational strategy, management, digitalization and excellence. In 2006, he also took charge of the General Management of the Bohler Clinic. From 2017, he was holding the position of Director of the Robert Schuman Hospitals Foundation and merged the five hospitals together with the newly acquired ZithaKlinik within one single structure, the Robert Schuman Hospitals S.A., of which he held the position of Deputy General Manager. As board member of the Federation of Luxembourg Hospitals (FHL), he committed to optimize the IT of the hospital sector and initiated Luxith, an FHL spinoff created to pool IT investments that he chaired until November 2018.

In November 2018, he has been appointed by the Government as the new President and Director of the National Health Insurance (CNS) as well as President of the Luxembourg eHealth Agency. During his 7-year mandate, he emphasizes the three following health issues he considers the most important to be improved:

  • Modernizing the CNS through an infrastructural and digital transformation and trough an agile organization.
  • Improving the health system and introducing appropriate incentives to mobilize the full potential of preventive medicine.
  • Accelerating the digital transformation of the health and care sector to become more resilient, accessible and effective in providing quality care.