Benjamin Godreuil

Head of the program “Usine du Futur”, SNCF

Graduated in supply chain engineering (ISEL – Institut Supérieur d’Etudes Logistiques, Le Havre, France) in 2004, B. Godreuil joined group SNCF : the historical French national rail operator and worldwide group that provides full range of mobility solutions.  He starts in the Rolling Stock entity in charge of maintenance. After different positions in operation management and supply chain in factories and at the headquarter, he is now head of the program “Usine du Futur” (Industry 4.0 program for maintenance industrial plants).

This program develop different projects around the implementation of industry 4.0 technologies (3DP, cobotics, MES, RFID, IOT, …) within the ten factories (7 000 workers) in charge of rolling stocks overhaul and refurbishment, and spare parts maintenance. This project has been designated as a “vitrine” (flagship) by Alliance Industrie du Futur (French equivalent of the german industry 4.0 plateform) in 2016 for achievement in industrial IOT field at Oullins (Lyon, France)