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Bas de Vos

Vice President, IFS Labs

Bas de Vos is Vice President IFS Labs for IFS. He has a responsibility to position and communicate IFS’ innovation projects to illustrate the future of business applications. He is a passionate advocate of pragmatic innovation, driving business value rather than innovating for the sake of innovation.

IFS Labs is a dedicated innovation team that looks beyond today’s expectations of business applications. They take inspiration from consumer technologies and innovative solutions from a wide range of industries, and apply these innovative concepts to the IFS product portfolio. At IFS Labs, it’s about proving and understanding concepts today that our customers will ask for tomorrow to make their everyday work more productive, efficient and fun. 

Before joining IFS, Bas has worked as Head of Services and as Head of Engineering for a small software start-up. Before that he has fulfilled many different roles in global business application implementations, working in many different continents.